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 I have posted level2 tips, now is level 3 tips! The hardest!

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PostSubject: I have posted level2 tips, now is level 3 tips! The hardest!   Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:40 pm

level 2 tips link:

In my opinion, level 2 is an IQ level that need to use thinking and level 3 is more action base. You can easily pass level 2 if you view the hints, but for level 3, you need tricks and skills!

When you find the torch near the beginning of level 3, light up the left end oil tank.
Danger! A group of scorpion will be chasing you from the left side!
If you didn't save up your energy to run, you should know what will happen to Jo (the person you control).

Don't be too happy if you have full energy, you need technique to light up all oil tanks and escape!
Dodging the scorpions is difficult, but dodging the fire you lighted up is even harder.
Since you are burning the oil tank, the surface of the fire is really huge.

The overall trick to escape the group of scorpions in level 3 is "Save up energy, run to the right when scorpion appeared, always run pass the oil tank before burning it (else, you will either be slain by scorpion or burn by fire), keep a good distance between you and oil tank, you can light up the oil tank either by clicking the oil or the tank, remember to light up ALL oil tanks, else, the scorpions wouldn't die but you GG.

When you light up all oil tanks, it is time for the REAL CHALLENGE in the next game level "Mogaocave Scorpion Emperor"

Hope it helps. cheers
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I have posted level2 tips, now is level 3 tips! The hardest!
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