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 A 3 level game with a chance to escape

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PostSubject: A 3 level game with a chance to escape   Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:27 am

A 3 level game, can you handle all ? Each level is harder gradually.
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PostSubject: Level 2 tips   Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:24 pm

Don't know what to do when you see the small scorpion?

Click the lantern above the scorpion a few times and be surprise!

What is next?

Click on the scorpion and see the hint, you should know what to do.

So...how to get matchbox? where is the sharp tool?

It seems far away but is just beside you. Sharp tool is a object that you just killed!

Now is more dangerous when you have the matchbox. Which candles should be lighted? How do I know!!!

According to hint, candles is linked with lantern on top. If you count, there are a total of 5 candles and 5 lanterns. 3 of the lanterns is lighted up. So, do you know which 3 candles to light up now?

When you lighted up all the "correct" candles, gate is opened. However, before you get to the gate, there is something very scary will happen!!! Guess what? Twisted Evil
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A 3 level game with a chance to escape
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